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re: App: Deylyn

The application submitted by Deylyn is as follows:

Name : Linfia Laylight
Game : Guild Wars 2
Server : Tarnished Coast
Level : 1
Gender : Female
Race : Norn
Profession : Mesmer

What is your GW2 account name, including the 4 numbers after. (This information is NOT confidential, it is your forum name, and is shown when people add you to friends).:

Your age::

Your Gender (not your characters):

What timezone are you in? (http://whatismytimezone.com/):

An email address we can contact you at::

Which aspect(s) of the game do you prefer to focus on the most? (you can choose multiple if you wish):

Do you know any Cynical members? Did any Cynical Member refer you to the Guild? (leave blank if no):
Forray & Tomikah

Our Guild policy is that our members will only rep Cynical, and no other guild. There are no exceptions to this. except for personal Guild Bank Storage. Do you agree to rep only CYN?:

Do you have a microphone?:

CYN uses Mumble for voice chat, and it is manditory for Guild groups in WvWvW or Dungeons. Do you agree to use and speak on Mumble? (Failure to use Mumble will eventually result in removal from the guild):

Please type "I agree to speak on Mumble". Seriously, we expect you to actually speak to other human beings on Mumble. If this is a problem for you (no Mic, too shy to speak, too lazy to download/use Mumble) then CYN is not the guild for you.:
I agree to speak on Mumble

Cynical uses our Forums to communicate Important Guild Announcements, decisions, and News. Do you agree to log into the forums at LEAST once a week to make sure you are up to date? (vacation and illness excluded):

What GW2 experience do you have? (EG: PVE experience, WvW experience, SPvP experience, etc). :
Brand new to GW2.

What was your previous GW2 guild, and why did you leave(or why are you planning to leave if still there)? If you haven't had a guild in GW2, please tell us about your last guild in your previous Game, if any.:
Raiding guild in World of Warcraft. Basic essential idea, was in a raiding group that was most social outside of raiding.

Tell us why you would be a great addition to CYN. Please more then just a few words ;):
Having come from WoW, and previously from Dark Age of Camelot and City of Heroes, I've got good knowledge of the MMO genre, and easily pick up games. That being said, I'm a fast learner when it comes to classes, spells, and rotations; as well as a fast leveler and hard worker in terms of crafting, and collection. Not to mention, I'm friendly and always willing to offer my hand and service if possible.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand Cynical's Guild Charter (BUTTON ON THE FRONT PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE), and I agree to follow it to the best of my ability (Seriously, don't skim it, we test you on it):

What is the MAGIC NUMBER (no, it's NOT 42...are you SURE you READ everything? Read the previous question...):

Guild Leader

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re: APPROVED - App: Deylyn - by Sinner.

Hey Linfia Laylight!

Thanks for taking the time to apply to CYN, your application has been approved, welcome aboard!

Welcome to GW2, we are excited to be your first guild in the game!

It's awesome to see you have some previous MMORPG experience, I'm sure that will definitely help you in GW2.

Sounds like you have exactly the kind of attitude we are looking for, and I imagine you will fit in well here!

You are always welcome to speak with our Officers if you want to find out more about which guild events would best suit you.

Cynical hosts a guild mentor program, if you need any help in the game, or have questions, feel free to contact them for help! They have a special icon next to their name in the guild roster.

We have a very active community, and there are always members on, so you should never have problems getting a group. It's important to make sure you use our website however, and sign up for events, as spots are "First come fist served". If you do not sign up, you may miss out on some great group action!

Sun/Tue/Thurs are PVE/Dungeon nights, Fri/Sat/Mon are Wv3 nights. Signups are on the Guild Website, invite priority goes to those who signed up.

You are welcome to get to know other guild members via our forums and Mumble!

When you are ready for an in game invite, please message one of the officers listed on our front web page for an invite.

Our Mumble info can be found in a sticky in the General forums or by pressing "G" in game.

Feel free to introduce yourself in our Introduction forums also, found under the General forums!

We look forward to playing with you, and getting to know you!




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